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Underestimating the Effort


As someone who doesn’t sew much, I was wondering if experienced sewers underestimate the time, effort and expertise involved in a sewing project as much as I do.

As Complex as Healthcare in the U.S.

When I decided to line the back of my knitted blanket (to hide the not-so-presentable “back” of my work), I had this idea it would be a relatively easy thing to do.  I mean, how difficult could it be to sew a rectangular piece of fabric onto the back of a rectangular piece of knitted fabric?

Sorry to all of you who sew, but to paraphrase, “Nobody knew how complicated this could be!”

Just working with a piece of fabric this big is a pain…never mind all the cutting, pinning, ironing, basting, finding a spot big enough to lay it all out, sewing, ripping, re-sewing, tangling knit stitches in the foot of the sewing machine, running out of bobbin thread 3 inches into a 90 inch seam and not realizing it until “finishing”, and on and on.

I don’t mean to complain…especially to those of you who understand all the complexities of sewing and have dealt with them for years, but…

Okay, whine mode off…thank for listening and understanding.

Current Knitting/Sewing/Crochet

I have been able to finish the mountaintop outline embroidery on the Easton Logo blanket and some of the lining.

I did the outline in different colors on each side of the blanket and overall, I’m pleased.  I’ve also sewn up all four sides of the lining (badly).  I still need to baste the two layers of the blanket together and “quilt” the two layers together.  I think I’ll just follow the graphic lines of the blanket, but that will require that I switch to my other sewing machine, which has a quilting foot that won’t snag on the knitted fabric.  Still a lot of work to do on this project.

Easton Logo Blanket 04-17-17

I also finished the latest Interlocking Crochet Scarf.

You’ll note I still have a few ends to sew in on this beauty, but I am thrilled with how it came out.  The stretch and drape of this scarf light and bouncy and the colors came out beautifully and bright.


Finn 04-17-17

Finn was not overly impressed.  This look was followed by a big, unhinged jaw yawn.  Oh well.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

A huge thank you to those of you who have purchased patterns (or donated directly to Lambda Legal).  I should have noted, I don’t sell a ton of patterns normally, so I wasn’t expecting to fund Lambda Legal for the next decade or anything, but so far, I’ll be donating at least $45 more because of your support…THANK YOU!  Donation of all of my pattern sales revenue for this month will be donated.

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