Fortezza 04


I’ve always loved yarns with deep, saturated, broody colors…Koigu, Noro, some Rowan.

Tweedy Rich Goodness

I’ve also always loved deep, ruddy tweeds…at least the colors of them.  The texture of the knitted fabric was not always very pleasant.

Until now!

Trendsetter has a newish (I think) yarn called Fortezza that is 47% wool, 47% acrylic and 6% rayon viscose.  The colors are fantastic and the resulting knitted fabric is soft and drapey and warm.

I couldn’t have designed a yarn that incorporated all that I want in a yarn better than Trendsetters has.

I used it to knit a standard West Coast Watch Cap

Fortezza Cap 04


I tried finding this yarn at three of my local yarn stores, and ended up having to order it on-line when none of them had it in stock.  I will definitely be getting more of this yarn and asking my LYS to keep it in stock for me.

Current Knitting

In addition to the cap above, I’ve also started a new cap with two colorways of the Fortezza.

Fortezza Cap 05

Lest you think I let the garter colorblock baby blanket languish, I did finish the blanket as well.


The blanket is very soft and machine washable.  And as you can see, I ended up finishing with the dark gray color block.  I wish you could feel both this blanket and the Fortezza yarns.  I’ve been enjoying the tactile aspects of knitting a lot lately.

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