Easton Mountain – Perfect Space

The accommodations may be rustic and the sounds of nature may be unsettling for those unused to it, but I love my annual visits to this place and revisit it often in my mind when I need to reconnect with my own inner peace.

The Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat

Eleven years ago, Ted was attending a non-knitting retreat at Easton Mountain and was envisioning out loud to an Easton Mountain staff member (who is also a knitter) what it might be like to bring men who knit and the beauty of Easton Mountain together.  We never imagined what this vision would have turned into over the course of the next ten years, but we’re oh so glad he thought of it.

In addition to hosting the annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, Easton Mountain has a wide and varied calendar of events, opportunities to participate through volunteering and various youth outreach programs that have had a significant impact on the lives of those participating.

Last week, I went up three days early and enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the retreat center before the activities of the retreat kicked off on Thursday.

Here are some photos from the days leading up to the retreat…enjoy.






Current Knitting

As many of you know, I find myself much too pre-occupied to knit during a retreat (despite how non-intuitive that might sound), so I’ll update you on my knitting progress in a later blog entry.

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