Notions Ceramic Dish 06

Fantastic Idea!

Did you ever have your eyes open to something that you’ve needed for years and didn’t know it?

Knitting Notions Dish

It doesn’t hurt that these items are extraordinary examples of beautiful ceramics, but even more, I can’t tell you how many times I look for a small receptacle to put down stitch markers, cable needles, pins, etc. when I’m not using them.

Notions Ceramic Dish 01


Notions Ceramic Dish 02

I’m not sure who invented this clever little item, but the ceramic artists at Lickin’ Flames have perfected them.  I honestly don’t know how I knit without one of these by my chair for so long without realizing how convenient it was.

I also just ordered a few shawl pins from Lickin’ Flames to display with my shawls at craft shows at the end of the year.  I will sell them if people want to buy them, but mostly they will make my items look awesome.  I’ll post some photos when they come in the mail.


Current Knitting

While it’s true that I don’t do any knitting during the annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat (I’m much more interested in other things, as odd as that may seem), I have been able to almost finish another color-block baby blanket over the last two week or so.

Color Block Baby Blanket 05-30-17 01


Color Block Baby Blanket 05-30-17 04

I still need to weave in a few ends but I love the strong colors in these blankets and I’ll continue to make them.

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