Ribbed Lace Wrap 01 07-20-17

Photographing Your Knitting

Blogging about knitting for all these years, I have had ample opportunity to take some truly awful photos of my knitting.

Bad Knitting Photography

Lighting, staging, depth-of-field, color correction and even focus have all been areas where I have made grave mistakes in the past.

I know…it’s difficult to take a photo of a king-size knitted blanket on the needles…but throwing it in a lump on the floor using incandescent lighting and standing on a chair pointed directly down on the object…I’m sorry, but that’s not even trying.

I had the opportunity to take a workshop with Franklin once on photographing your knitting projects and learned a lot.  If you ever see him offer that, you should try and be there for it…especially if you publish a lot of your photos in any way…even on social media.  I learned an immense amount about successful lighting techniques, or ways to enhance the look of a project by using tricks, like limited focus.

Depth of field

Taking a little time to try and creatively stage a photo can also be very helpful in displaying your work to the public.

All that being said, I still can’t get a decent photo of my current knitted lace project, so I’ll just post four of the best photos I could find and hopefully convey a little bit of the project to you.

Current Knitting

Lace is very difficult to photograph while it’s in progress.  It’s not blocked, it’s usually large enough where it’s bunched on the needle and conveying drape of a fabric like lace is painfully difficult.  But I am no over 3/4th finished with the Koigu Ribbed Lace Wrap.

Ribbed Lace Wrap 01 07-20-17

Ribbed Lace Wrap 02 07-20-17

Ribbed Lace Wrap 02 07-20-17

Ribbed Lace Wrap 02 07-20-17

I can’t wait to finish/block and properly photograph this project.  I’m liking it a lot, but you’ll have to trust me until I can get you a decent photograph.

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