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Too Many Friends?

Can you ever have too many friends?  Even if they are Facebook friends?

One Away

As of right now, I have 1,999 Facebook friends.  That number may have changed by the time you read this given how much my friend-count fluctuates…and I have posted a number of rather angry posts about the current political situation, so some folks may have unfriended me (I hate that Facebook has made it okay to use “friend” as a verb).

I’ve found that I can keep up with all of the activity of so many Facebook friends on a pretty regular basis.  Here are some of the rules I typically follow:

  1. I scan past political posts where the topic looks to disparage a person, rather than a policy or regulation or bill.
  2. I scan past posts of people I’ve never met in person when the post looks to be a gathering of friends or family (since I don’t know the poster, I doubt I’ll know their family or friends).
  3. I post birthday wishes only to those people I’ve met in person (and sometimes not even them).
  4. I rely on the fact that most people don’t post on a daily basis.
  5. I look more closely at posts about knitting, weaving, spinning and crocheting.
  6. Except for one or two exception, I rarely read posts about alpacas.

All that being said, if I am a friend of yours on Facebook, and I don’t seem to pay as much attention to you as you’d like, please let me know and I’d be glad to Like/Love/Laugh/Wow your posts.

If you’re not currently a Facebook friend, perhaps you’ll be my 2,000th Facebook friend.

I mean really…can you ever have too many friends?

Current Knitting

Like most lace designs, my current project is difficult to photograph, even though it’s almost finished.

Koigu Cross Stitch Cowl 07-28-17

Koigu Cross Stitch Cowl 07-27-17

The Koigu Cross Stitch Cowl (based on the Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf…just knit in the round with a few more stitches/pattern repeats) is coming along extremely well.  After I’ve finished this beauty and blocked it, I will be able to show you exactly why it’s one of my favorite projects lately.  The yarn, the fabric and the design are turning out exactly as I’d hoped, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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