Desk 08-08-17

The More Things Change

I honestly imagined that when I stopped working that my workspace would get a bit more organized.

Staying the Same

Despite the fact that I have no job-related work that needs to be done, my desk continues to be strewn with unfiled and random crap.  As does my crafting area and even my computer desktop.

I don’t know why I had the thought that I would become a completely different person when I retired and suddenly I would be inspired to have everything neatly put away and stored in a tidy and organized way…I think I must have been delusional.

I have never been overly organized or neat and I don’t expect I ever will be.

Truthfully, I find for someone with as much attention deficit as I have, when something is out of sight, it’s not just out of mind…it’s forgotten.  So I have to be careful about how “organized” I am and make sure that those tasks that will need attention at one point stay in a place that is “to-be-filed” so I can make sure it gets done.

It may not work for you, but it works pretty well for me.

Current Knitting

I’ve continued to be diligent about adding items to my Craft Show inventory.

Hats and scarf 01

Hats and scarf 01

Hats and scarf 01

I completed the lengthwise garter stitch scarf and four new hats.  The simple hats above will become my standard beanie from now on…I have come up with stitch counts for both worsted and bulky weights and I’m happy with how the hats turn out.

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