Narcissism is All the Rage

Have you noticed how common it is for a friend to tell you how they have been traumatized by a narcissistic ex of theirs?

When Did Narcissism Become So de Rigeur?

I think I need an old-person translation…what did we used to call narcissistic assholes?  Conceited?  Self-Centered? Self-Absorbed?  Selfish?  Egomaniacs?

Like peanut allergies, these raging narcissists have seemed to pop up overnight.

Is it that therapists all took a continuing education course on identifying Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and now that they’ve discovered the hammer, everything looks like a nail?

Is it that NPD is a great new acronym that merits that millions are diagnosed with it?

Another thing I often question is that I rarely hear about anyone revealing their own personal NPD diagnosis to me…it’s always told to me about someone recovering from the trauma of having been in a relationship with someone with NPD.  I’m wondering if therapists and/or counselors have any treatment for NPD or are they only interested in treating the survivors of people having left someone with NPD or the emotional abuse of a child with a NPD parent?

Do an Amazon search for self-help books on narcissism and almost all of them deal with people in relationship to narcissists and not the narcissist himself.

I guess the thing that scares me most, is that if I’m not feeling abused by a narcissist, perhaps I am unwittingly being a narcissist myself.

If anyone is in therapy for trauma associated with knowing me, can you please let me know?  Thanks.

Current Knitting

I’m continuing on with my production knitting goal of 50 to-go cup cozies.

Cup Cozies 08-21-17

I’m up to 27 with 23 more to go.  But I also took out a little time to make a special coffee cup cozy for a Resist friend of mine.

Coffee Cozies 08-16-17 03

It’s actually a bit pinker than the photo shows and trying to look like a pink pussy hat cozy.  She was thrilled with getting it.

I also finished the latest biased scarf I was working on and it came out better than I thought it would.

Biased Scarf 01

Biased Scarf 01

It is about six feet long and overall, I like the graphic strength of the biased striping.  I still need to decide on how much to sell this for at the craft shows.

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