QueerJoe’s Rule #34

People slow down as they approach their destination.

Jong Quote


Reasons Why We Stall

Have you ever noticed that as folks driving home get closer to their house, their speed decreases?  Not to get off on a highway exit, but just knowing your ending destination is close, the pace becomes more leisurely?

I can’t tell you how many times I’m annoyed by pedestrians slowing down as they approach their gate in an airport because they’ve made it in time and now the hurry can stop.

Even with knitting, I’m finding as I start to near my goal of 50 coffee cup cozies (for instance), I have to fight the urge to relax and ease up on the pace.

Not sure if Erica Jong is right or if it’s just confidence in attaining a goal that makes me want to stall, but I do find myself constantly pushing just a bit harder at the final lap to avoid the natural tendency I have.

Current Knitting

Four more cozies completed as I push, push push.

With 42 of the fifty completed, I can’t tell you how easy it would be to pick up a different/new project or convince myself that maybe I should stop at 45.

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