Tagged, Logged and Inventoried!

Hard to imagine that once I’ve put in all the time of knitting items for the craft show, I still have to update the inventory database, add a price tag and photograph the item.

Craft Show Inventory

In total, I’m hopeful to have about 200 items to sell at my upcoming craft show in October.

I think it’s important to have price tags on everything I sell…I don’t think it’s useful to have potential customers having any concerns about being able to afford my items, so  price tag takes away some anxiety (at least it does for me).  I also like to provide generic care instructions for most hand-knit items and also the fiber content of the garment.

Craft Show Price Tags

I also use Square to let customers charge their purchases on a credit card, but I’ve also found it incredibly useful to track all my sales, including cash sales.  To make that easier, I’ve decided to add each item into the Square database.

Having each item in the Square database allows me to create quick receipts/invoices for customers and track all my sales quickly.  I can also use the Items database to populate web pages to show these items for sale as well (see www.doublepointed.com for some of the items I have listed).

Each of these items in the database also requires a photo…both so I can quickly identify the items I’m selling and also to display on the web site.

Here’s a smattering of some of the inventory getting ready to be stored and taken to market.

Inventory 02

In case you spotted Finn in the mix, he is definitely not tagged, inventoried or for sale.

Current Knitting

I actually finished two more coffee cup cozies (for a total of 52).  Here is a photo of the last one I completed.

Coffee Cup Cozy 02

I also knit up 3 more booties (not pairs…individual booties).

Booties 09-08-17

And finally, I started a new Color Block Scarf…this time it will be in BRIGHT colors.

Color Block Scarf 09-08-17

With my first craft show scheduled for October 29th, I still have plenty of time to build up inventory. Especially now that I’ve already tagged and inventoried everything completed so far.

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