Celebrating Sheep

Someone I know who’s been knitting for a few years now surprised me by noting that he never realized there was more than one type of sheep.  It got me to thinking how long it’s been since I realized (or cared) that there were different breeds.

New Jersey’s Annual Sheep-a-palooza

This past weekend the Garden State Sheep Breeders’ Association Festival took place and I reveled in all things fiber for most of Saturday.

GSSBF Sheep 1

GSSBAF Sheep 02


I got a chance to meet up with Hayes, BJ and Todd when I was there.


Hayes 01

Joe and BJ


I didn’t get a photo of Todd…I was too busy hugging him as it had been a while since I’d seen him.

I did some fiber shopping as well.

The very first booth I came to was Aisling Yarns and they had a couple of skeins of black and yellow fingering weight yarn that I had to have.

Aisling Yarns Fingering


Then I hit the Suzanne and Thaddeus\’ (not my Thaddeus…another Thaddeus) booth, Groovy Hues and found another four hanks of fingering weight that were too gorgeous to pass up.

Groovy Hues Fingering Weight


Finally, I made my way over to Mindy at Puff the Magic Rabbit and bought some of her mohair.

Puff the Magic Rabbit Mohair


She also had a first-time-fleece from one of her goats that has been bottle-fed and kept mostly indoors in her house that I had to have.

Cloudy Fleece 01


It’s is impossible to convey how soft and silky and lustrous this fleece is…no matter what kind of photo I take of it, it looks like the hair of some monstrous women in a horror movie that just dragged herself backwards out of a well.

Cloudy's Locks


So, instead, I’ll show you a video of Cloudy, the goat whose fleece I now own taken by Mindy.


But if you’re ever at my house, I’ll be glad to let you pet my fleece and you’ll understand just what I mean about it’s soft gorgeousness.

Current Knitting

I’m nearing the end of my latest Color Block Scarf.

Color Block Scarf 09-11-2017


I usually make these scarfs about 6 feet long and I am about 6 feet tall…almost finished.

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