We’ve Come a Long Way From the Talkies

It’s shocking to think about how brilliantly entertaining the first motion pictures were…actually seeing people afraid of watching a silent movie of a train thinking it was actually there.

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

…how many words is a motion picture worth?

Having the ability to create an instant movie on a pocket-size device is still somewhat miraculous to me.  I can easily invite you into my morning and let you see a part of how I start most of my days.

This morning was all about crochet for two reasons.  First, Curtis posted a photo of a finished crochet scarf using a cool-looking stitch I had never heard of call Mini Bean, so I had to teach myself this new stitch and see if I could incorporate it into a scarf myself.

Obviously, I have a few seams to sew up and a few ends to weaving in, but these little beauties knit up quite quickly.

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