opposites attract

Opposites Attract

Everyone knows how common it is for two people who are in long-term relationships to be complete opposites in some area of their lives.

Types of Opposites

Are you a night-person and your partner a morning-person?
Do you hang toilet paper rolls the correct way and your partner the wrong way?
Does one of you prefer savory/salty treats and the other sugary/sweet?
Is your wardrobe all spring colors and his all fall colors?

Well, I’ve come up with a new combination and it’s how you prefer your interior lighting!

Thaddeus and I are both morning people and fortunately, he knows how to hang a roll of toilet paper correctly.  But he and I couldn’t possibly be further apart when it comes to how we light the rooms in our house.

Thaddeus prefers minimal, subdued ambient lighting with accented lighting to show off a painting or a piece of furniture.

I prefer a much brighter, open all the shades and curtains to let the sun stream in sort of lighting.

To be less charitable (to both of us)…Thaddeus prefers dark, dim, dungeon-like lighting whilst I prefer surgical room, squint-worthy lighting.

Thaddeus is constantly coming into a room asking if I still need a set of overhead lights on and turning them off without waiting for a reply.  I am constantly increasing the dimmer switch to full brightness to fill the room with as much glare as it can handle.

We just replaced the under-counter lights in our kitchen.  I have complained for years at how little light the old fixtures created.  Thaddeus replaced them with multi-level/multi-warmth LED lights and while I LOVE the new lighting, he\’s still getting used to how bright they are.

Undercounter Lighting

Yes, even after almost 34 years, we\’re still negotiating differences.

Current Knitting

Another pair of booties is off the needles.

Booties 10-16-17

Still need to sew them up, but I got distracted by starting another Color Block Scarf.

Color Block Scarf 10-16-17

I\’ve been trying to increase the number of items on my sale table to include more gift items for men, so I\’m focusing on darker, more subdued (more Thaddeus-like) colors.

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