The Power of Promotion

I just got the electronic postcard (above) to promote my first Artisan/Craft Show at the end of the month, and it’s no wonder this show gets a lot of high-end traffic of people looking for nicer hand-crafted gifts.

Beautiful Work

The organizer of the Flemington Fine Artisans Show is a jewelry artist herself and has a very fine aesthetic eye.  It shows in her promotional design as well…don’t you think?

Most of the more well-established vendors at higher-end artisan/craft shows have signage for their booth, so I decided to take advantage of Costco’s new Business Printing center to order a vinyl sign for my booth.

I know I shouldn\’t be so excited about a stupid vinyl sign, but I ended up getting this custom sign printed and shipped to me for $25 (I could have also picked it up at my local Costco Warehouse).  And even better, with an executive membership and credit card, I get 4% back in February on the purchase ($1 back isn\’t bad on such a great little item!).

A similarly sized vinyl sign on VistaPrint, for instance, starts at $28.  VistaPrint also charges you for custom graphics and shipping.

There is a catch…you do need to know how to create “vector graphics” to be able to use your own scale-able images in a way where they don\’t pixellate…or know someone that can do it for you.  I\’ve used graphic software packages for years, but learning vector image technology really is a whole new language and it took me a while to learn how to do this…even with a friend\’s help.

Current Knitting

The latest Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf was completed since the last blog entry.


It will block out a bit wider than these photos, and I\’m also planning on displaying it at the craft show with one of these little beauties from Lickin\’ Flames…

These little ceramic sheep on shawl prongs are AWESOME.

What do you think?

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