Optimist or Pessimist or Realist

I have always been more of an optimist.  I am more hopeful (usually) than worrisome and I will often imagine the future as a bit more rosy than a realist might.

How About You?

Thaddeus just told me that this Sunday in Flemington, NJ that it will most likely be a rainy day.

This Sunday in Flemington, NJ I will be participating in my first of two Artisan/Fine Craft Shows for 2017.

Will the rain inhibit people from venturing out to do some early Christmas gift shopping?

First of all, the event is inside.  As an optimist, I think it will be great to find an indoor event to have something to do on a rainy day.

Second, the venue (the old Stangl pottery factory) will be a beautiful spot to spend some time on a Sunday.

Third, the Fine Artisan Show and Flemington are great places to shop, eat, and roam around.

Yes, I guess there are some people that would prefer not to venture out on a rainy day (even if they\’ll be in a car or inside most of the time).  Yes, I imagine transporting my booth from my car into the show\’s venue might be a little bit more difficult in the rain.

But overall, I\’m still hopeful that it will be a successful event…for me and the other fine vendors there.  Click on the photos section of the show\’s web page to get a great overview of the caliber of items that will be available there.

I\’m hopeful that most of my local readers are optimists as well and will venture out to the Flemington Fine Artisans Show and not let a bit of wet weather stop them!  Hope to see you there!

Current Knitting

Garter stitch on US 3 needles can be very slow…especially when I have a cat vying for my lap during the times I\’m relaxing and sitting down to knit.

It will be a lovely wrap when it\’s finished, and I\’m hopeful I can get enough cat-free knitting time to finish it in time for this Sunday\’s show.

There goes that optimism again!’, ‘Optimist or Pessimist or Realist

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