They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

I had my Sally Fields moment this past Sunday at the Flemington Fine Artisans Show in Flemington, NJ.  Show customers really seemed to like what I was offering.

Show Results

The show I participated in this past Sunday was the best show so far in every way I would assess it.

  • The venue (an old pottery factory that made Stangl pottery) was interesting and well-laid out (it was also indoors on a rainy/stormy day)
  • The other vendors were of a very high caliber of artistry
  • There was extensive promotion of the event in newspapers, postcards, signage and even billboards.
  • The foot traffic was constant without being crowded
  • The customers attracted to this event were looking for nice items and were willing to pay for them
  • The other vendors and the organizers were very pleasant to be with
  • I worried a bit that the thunderstorms would keep people away, but there was only one lull in traffic during a time when it was really storming outside.

During the course of 6 hours, I ended up selling:

  • 9 Scarves
  • 2 Shawls
  • 10 Shawl Pins
  • 7 Coffee Cup Cozies
  • 1 Baby Blanket
  • 1 Pair of Baby Booties
  • 6 Hats

Overall, I was very happy with final results of the show.  I usually have three levels of achievement I strive for:

  1. Minimum Success – enough sales to continue to participate in the show in future years
  2. Stretch Goal – a wildly successful day of sales
  3. I almost reached my Stretch Goal, so I am quite pleased.

Only two negative items:

  • A customer dropped/broke one of the ceramic shawl pins
  • I need to knit about 20 items to replace the sold inventory of knitted goods before my next show on December 2nd

But even the customer who broke the shawl pin also dropped over $100 on knitted goods, so I considered the little bit of damage just part of the cost of doing business.

A few more photos of the show are at the bottom of today\’s blog entry.

Current Knitting
The customers were constant during the six hours of the show yesterday, so I wasn\’t able to finish the Ombre Wrap during the show.

But I did take some time to finish it this morning in between unpacking all the display materials.


The wrap is beautiful and the fabric has a lovely light-weight bounce to it.  For garter stitch, I couldn\’t be more pleased.  It also ended up being longer than 6 foot long and about 10 inches wide.  I\’m thinking it may be the first thing that sells at my December show.

Some of the following photos I stole off of Lena\’s Facebook page since I hardly had any time to photograph the show.




It was a pleasure to see the blog readers that braved the weather and showed up on Sunday…being around my people is incredibly supportive and nurturing.

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