U.S. Voter Alert!

Photos like the one on this advertisement I received in the mail really inspire and energize me.

Be Inspired!

I put this local mailer up on my refrigerator to remind me (not that I really need reminding) of the importance to vote.  Now more than ever we need to show our commitment to what we believe is right and let our voices be heard, and we can\’t wait for Bob Mueller and all of his good work to help as quickly as we need it.

For Pennsylvania voters, we are voting on many of our Judges this coming Tuesday and the courts have become our last bastion in the fight against bigotry, ecology, immigration and all areas of civil fairness.

Many of our Judges are appointed and even the courts are starting to be stacked with heinous appointees.

So even if you\’re only voting for Dog Catcher this year, please show your support by going out and voting for the most progressive Dog Catcher on the ballot.  And encourage all your friends to vote…heck, why not just bring them with you to the voting booth!

Please help send a clear and strongly united message to the ass-hats in Washington that we want change and we want it soon.

Current Knitting

I got bored with US3 garter stitch (even with two different colors every other row), so I started two more projects since Wednesday.

The top one is just another lengthwise garter stitch scarf…a lot of my black, gray and silver items sell quickly at craft shows so I need to replace a crappy black/gray scarf I sold on Sunday.

The bottom one is a new Old Shale Wrap that was requested by someone at this past Sunday\’s show (she love the Koigu blue one I had, but wanted a different colorway…she was a repeat customer from one of last year\’s shows and also purchased something at this past weekend\’s show, so I wanted to try and come up with something she\’d like).

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