The Redemption Begins

Those of you who know me, know that last year was a devastating blast of reality.

To recognize that a message of hateful bigotry and narcissism was successful with a sufficient number of voters to elect an incompetent blowhard as president…well, realizing how many haters there were, really shocked me.

On The Road to Recovery

Yesterday\’s election results indicate that people all across this country either realized what a grave mistake they made in 2016, or recognized that they needed to redouble their efforts to making their voice heard in the voting booth.

Either way, it appears we\’ve started turning this nightmare around.

I commented the following on a friend\’s Facebook post:

I think any form of democratic government requires a sane, informed constituency. So the enormous responsibility of any government that relies on the the people being governed also requires a patience, and understanding and a long view that is very difficult in times like these. Personally and publicly I’ll continue to work toward education, acceptance, openness and enlightenment. 

So, my friends…please remember that we\’re in this for the long haul.  Yesterday was just one small step in truly making America great again.

Current Knitting
Hot off the needles is the latest Old Shale Wrap done in two colorways of Groovy Hues Fibers.

It was a bit chilly taking photos of the latest project, so I though I’d see if I could get away with wearing bright oranges.  Despite Suzanne’s amazing colorways, I think I’ll stick to blues and purples.

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