15 Years of Blogging!

With almost 2,000 published blog entries since November 11, 2002 and over 2,000,000 blog hits, I\’ve been writing and posting blog entries for 15 years now.

Still A Gas-Bag

It\’s surprising even to me that I never seem to run out of things to say.

And please note that I didn\’t write \”that I never seem to run out of interesting things to say\”…even a gas-bag gets boring after a decade or so.

I went back reading some of the earliest blog entries and I was reminded of so many wonderful things.

Wendy and Marilyn were the only knitting blogs out there when I first started.  I wanted to knit like Wendy and blog like Marilyn.  I ended up doing both quite differently from either of them.

I look back with amazement during the days when I used to have to take photos on my old Sony Mavica digital camera, copy the photos from the \”floppy disk\” (they stilled called them floppy disks even though the were rigid) to my computer, edit the photos using PaintShopPro software, FTP the photos to the web server, write the HTML including the new FTP\’ed photo links, FTP the HTML to the web server and test the blog entry to make sure I hadn\’t made typos in my links, photos or formatting tags.  What used to take hours now takes as little as 10 minutes (even with photos!).

For those of you who have ventured in the way past of QueerJoe, you\’ll see that there is a block of time where I don\’t have some of the photos posted anymore.  That happened when Blogger decided to discontinue the initial methods of blogging and not let me host photos in the same way.  I tried to go back and replace photos in the new way, but there are whole blocks of time where they don\’t appear.  Many of the photos are forever lost.

Finally, I\’d like to repeat something I often write to people who e-mail me to compliment something about my blog…I LOVE writing QueerJoe and I always have.  It\’s icing on the cake that there are some folks that enjoy reading it.

A huge thanks to all the faithful blog readers!

Current Knitting

Sorry I couldn\’t have knit something special to celebrate such a momentous occasion.  But the second of three W\’sIP has been completed.

Simple lengthwise garter scarf done in a beautiful textured yarn from Cascade appropriately called Rustic (79% wool/21% linen).



The scarf is about 4.5\” wide, but very long (over 6 feet), so it can be wrapped multiple times even on a tall person.

The pile of restocking inventory for my next craft show is growing!

I re-started work on the third of three W\’sIP, which is another Ombre Wrap.

We\’ll see just how many knitted items I complete by my next show on December 2nd and 3rd.

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