Paying Cash

Another striking difference I find between Thaddeus and I, is how we like to pay for things with cash.

Which Are You?

So here\’s the situation…you\’re paying for something in cash, and the amount of the transaction is $10.53.  In your wallet, purse, or pocket, you currently have five $20 bills, two $10 bills, a $5 bill and 7 singles.  Do you:

1.  Pay with a $10 bill and a single?
2.  Pay with a $20?
3.  Pay with $5 bill and 6 singles?
4.  Some other way
5.  It doesn\’t matter…any of those ways would work for me depending on the situation.

Did any of these options make you a bit crazy?

Were any of these options \”obvious\” to you as the only possible way to pay this cash transaction?

Thaddeus and I are, of course, polar opposites on how we would handle this situation.  Can you guess which option I would choose and which one he would?

Readers\’ Comments/Questions

Regarding the latest Old Shale Wrap done in Groovy Hues Yarn:

Jenny asks, \”Which two colorways have you used? I love this combination!!!\”

Twisted & Groovin\’ Sock Yarn in colorways, \”How Do You Like Them Apples\” and \”Fall of the Wild\”

Regarding the Garter Stitch Scarf done in Cascade Rustic yarn:

Maureen writes, \”I love that garter stitch scarf. Are you selling the pattern as well?\”

I won\’t be selling a pattern for this, but I can describe it relatively easily.  US 8 (5 mm) needles, worsted weight yarn (Rustic is a bit on the heavy worsted side of worsted), cast on 313 stitches and knit all rows until you have the width you\’re looking for.

Current Knitting

My current Ombre Garter Wrap is moving along and I\’m more than half finished with it.


I was hoping to be a little bit farther along on this today, but a leaking water heater, wet/mushy carpet, water heater replacement and carpet cleaning took away some of my knitting time.  But I did also start a new Cross Stitch Scarf.

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