Knit Titles Abound

A quick search on Amazon of knitting books ends up with over 5,000 titles…and today’s book review is the top result on the list.

Knit Book Review

Alicia Plummer and Melissa Schaschwary have come up with a perfect book with simple designs, using luxury yarns. Plum Dandi Knits will not appeal to you as a knitting pattern book if you’re looking for complex stitch designs, ornate shawls or designs with tons of vibrant colors. If you want something with a lot of great basic patterns (mostly for women), this would be a perfect book to treat yourself to this holiday season.

The photography and layout of the book is also just right for this type of knitwear design book. Here are the two most likely patterns I will make from this book:

The Cape Elizabeth

Love the simple eyelet stitch pattern and the elegant edging. With a nice drapey merino, this garment would be fantastic.

The Harrington Scarf

I’m always looking for ways of using bulky yarn in a simple and pleasing way.  I love everything about this design and could easily see it in a bulky handpainted yarn as well.

Current Knitting

I mentioned I had started a Linen Stitch Scarf in the last blog post.



This stitch pattern always takes me a long time to work, so even after a lot of work, I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish this beauty before my show this weekend. Wish me luck.


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