Inspired By A Celestial Angel

Okay…she’s not technically a celestial angel, but her name (Celeste Angello) probably means that in some language somewhere.

Starting Again

Years ago, I purchased an antique, circular, sock-knitting machine (CSM) with all the bells and whistles.  The craft shows I did last year and this year featured a vendor (Celeste) who used a modern version of the sock-knitting machine to make and sell hand-cranked socks.  It made me really yearn to get my CSM back in working order.

So I took some inventory:






I seem to have the following:

  • Gearhart Circular Sock-Knitting Machine (circa 1905??)
  • 80 Needle Cylinder
  • 100 Needle Cylinder
  • Yarn guide
  • Ribber Attachment (with 40 and 50 needle beds)
  • Old and new 12 and 18 gauge cylinder needles
  • Old and new 12 and 18 gauge ribber bed needles
  • Floor Stand
  • Original Crate it was shipped in
  • Downloaded instruction manuals
  • Metal/wire Cast-on Bonnet Basket
  • Hanging weights
  • Table clamp swift
  • Table clamp cone winder with two regular size wooden cones and one small wooden cone

Ideally, I’d love to be able to get this back into working order so that I can knit standard ribbed-ankle socks using standard sock yarns.

We’ll see how it goes!

Current Knitting

A friend asked if I’d make a pair of bulky slipper-socks, so I found a seemingly easy pattern design on Ravelry and got approval for the design and the yarn:

So I knit up the first one last night and started the second one.

One minor problem after I’ve sewn up and woven in the ends on the first one…when I printed the pattern, it did NOT print the toe shaping at the top of the foots….so I think I’m going back and re-doing it.  So annoyed with myself.

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