CSM Obsession

Like many of the fiber arts, working with a circular sock machine (CSM) can get a bit obsessive, so you may want to just ignore my next year of blog posts as I spiral into a bit of craziness.

Current CSM Progress

Since Wednesday, I have:

  • Set up the 80 slot cylinder with a new set of cylinder needles
  • Liberally oiled the crank and cylinder
  • Used the metal cast-on bonnet to cast on multiple test tubes
  • Attempted multiple times (unsuccessfully) to add in the ribber attachment and knit 1×1 ribbed tubes
  • Watched Thaddeus glue on the yarn tensioner wire
  • Watched Thaddeus unglue the yarn tensioner wire and put it back on in the correct direction (my fault, not his)

Here are a couple of videos of the machine working:

Suffice it to say, I’m getting faster and faster at casting on a new “sock” and I’m getting quite good at inserting and removing needles from the cylinder.  I am thinking that I may need professional help with getting the ribber working.

Current Knitting

Other than tubes of waste fabric, I have also finished working on a pair of orange slipper socks for a friend.

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