More CSM Progress

I know there’s nothing worse than having to read about an obsession you have no interest in…but alas, I don’t care.

Latest Circular Sock Machine Advances

Working with the 80 slot/needle cylinder, I was able to create both a simple hem-top tube and a faux-rib hem-top tube.




I became frustrating trying to use the 40 needle ribber attachment and not being able to get it aligned and I also go frustrated with multiple attempts at turning a heel.

So I switched the cylinder to the 100 slot/needle cylinder to see if I could get it to work.  So far, I have been successful at creating a simple tube on the 100 slot cylinder using a few different gauge yarns.  Boy does this create a WIDE diameter sock tube!





Thinking that I would never be able to get a sock-worthy gauge using 100 very fine needles, I decided to try a 3×1 faux-rib (since I can’t get my machine to make real ribbing yet) and came up with a very suitable hemmed/faux-rib sock tube.

I also completed one more thing on the 100 cylinder:

It’s called a cast-on bonnet…it’s used to cast onto a circular sock knitting machine instead of using the metal cast-on bonnet that came with the machine.


I do have to admit, I like the knitted cast-on bonnet better.

So, if you’ve stayed with my boring sock-alogue up until now, I commend you as a dedicated blog reader.  Be glad that I’m not subjecting you to the repair/restoration videos I’ve been doing to show how Thaddeus is helping me fix some of the chips on the cylinder!

Current Knitting

I have continued to do hand knitting and I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the Shibui Silk Cloud Cowl/Infinity Scarf.


I’ve also started (out of boredom and laziness) a new biased scarf in Dr. Seuss-ish colors.

Grinchy kind of…no?

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