Sucker for Packaging

I always point out when Thaddeus buys something because of the packaging, but honestly, I am totally swayed by pleasing packaging.

The Seven “P’s” of Product Promotion

Proper Pleasing Packaging Presages Perfectly Pleasurable Products

A little while ago, I purchased ordered some yarn from Suzanne at Groovy Hues, and this arrived in my mail.

I know not all proper pleasing packaging will result in perfect products, but in this case, it was true.

It’s amazing to find yarns dyed in ways that are EXACTLY my kind of aesthetic.  When someone can combine colors that are unusual and brilliantly pleasing, then I will always be shopping at their web site…especially when my standard designs show off her work in the most amazing ways.

Suzanne’s yarns sell out quickly, but right now she has rather large lot of excellent colorways. I imagine her festivals and shows where she sells her fiber are slowing down or finished, so her Etsy shop is well-stocked.  Time to shop!

Current Knitting

I have three WsIP for my handknitting and two FOs on the CSM.

First off, I started a new Interlocking Crochet Scarf project using the remainders of three of Suzanne’s fine dye work.


I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the colors join and meld and combine in ways that have rich, dark patches and sparkling jewel patches.  It’s exactly what I go for when I combine handpainted yarns.

I also did some additional work on the Dr. Seuss Striped Biased Scarf.

Despite it’s dizzying, eye-blurring effect, I’m enjoying working on this project.  The Grinch’s dog would look stunning in this beauty.

The third WIP is the Shibui Cloud Cowl, but I haven’t done any additional work on that.

I did finish a second “cast-on bonnet” using my CSM.

Now I have one for both my 80 slot cylinder and my 100 slot cylinder.

Finally, I actually created a sock on my CSM this past weekend.

It’s not a good sock and it’s definitely not flawless, but I’m getting there.

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