A Christmas Miracle!

I completed cranking out my first pair of socks from the antique Gearhart circular sock machine.

Likes and Dislikes

  • There are a number of things I’m quite pleased with:
  • Successfully learning a rounded toe and heel on my machine
  • Being able to change colors of the toe and heel without ruining the sock
  • Using regular sock yarn (Kaffe’s Regia in this case) to make a sock on my machine
  • Cranking out both socks took me about 90 minutes of actual knitting time

There are a number of things I’m not so please with:

  • I still can’t get my ribber to work, so I’m using faux ribbing
  • I’m not sure why, but I did both socks starting at the toe and will change that so I can hem the top
  • Switching from faux rib to all needles creates holes that I need to get rid of
  • I made the foot too long for me or Thaddeus
  • I don’t want faux ribbing on the bottom of the foot

Actually, the first sock I was able to crank out on the machine was slightly better in some ways, but it wasn’t big enough and I had a few missed stitches I didn’t like.

I ripped out the first sock and I will rip out the first pair as well to re-do them.

Current Knitting

I ended up finishing the Dr. Seuss biased knit scarf.

Not one of my more complex projects, but it was a fun, mindless knit that resulted in a nice, long, warm scarf with lots of brightness.

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