2018 – The Year of the Project BAG!

Happy 2018!  This past year’s Christmas theme seem to center around helping me carry my knitting around in style!

Bags and More Bags

Just before Christmas, I received an order of project bags for the 2018 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat (we order new logo project bags each year to give to the guys attending the retreat…no one gets to see them before the retreat…so no photo of this year’s bag until after the guys see them in May).

I always find it interesting that the first year’s bags were the least expensive bags but are now the rarest and most desirable.

On the heels of receiving two boxes of project bags, I get this incredible Coach bag for Christmas from my sister.

It’s the perfect size for carrying around a knitting project…it’s gorgeous and it has no velcro…and it has smaller pockets to store notions.  I couldn’t have chosen a better bag myself.

THEN…I get this wonderful hand-made bag from a friend!


First of all, she had no idea (I don’t think) that she made this pyramid-shaped bag out of two different Kaffe fabrics (it’s difficult to see the inner-lining fabric, but it’s one of Kaffe’s Broad Stripe fabrics.

She used the fabrics, because she thought they were colors I liked…and she was right…they are the colors I like!

This bag will be a perfect way to carry around s small scarf or sock project in STYLE!

Current Knitting

Three items that have taken up my knitting time:

  1. Completed first pair of socks for Thaddeus on the Gearhart (they came out so well, he wore them out to dinner on New Year’s Eve and they kept his feet warm despite frigid temperatures)
  2. Banged out a Pink Pussy Hat for a friend
  3. Worked on the languishing Linen Stitch Scarf


Overall, I’m pleased with how I finished out 2017 and the positive outlook it portends for 2018.

Have a happy, healthy and satisfying 2018!

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