Gearhart CSM Cranker

Officially – A Cranker

There comes a time when a certain amount of skill and confidence is acquired where I can now consider myself to be a cranker…or someone that makes socks on a CSKM.

Skills Inventory

Having worked in Human Resource systems all my career, I keep thinking that a skills inventory list should be created for those who want to be certified as a cranker.

I feel like a baby with my skills…both that I’m not very adept at using the machine and yet my knowledge grows incredibly quickly.

Years ago when I first acquired Gerty, the resources available were sparse.  There wasn’t a wide and varied population of experienced CSKM users, thousands of on-line forums, YouTube video tutorials, CSKM meet-ups, etc.  It was even difficult/impossible to find replacement latch needles for either the two cylinders and two ribber plates I own.

Today, however, it is MUCH easier to get information, learn a technique or get questions answered.  And finding supplies to help get an antique CSKM up and working is simple compared to what it used to be.

Don’t get me wrong…I still make a lot of mistakes…some that I can fix, and others that require me to unwind an entire sock and re-knit it.  I also run into problems that I never would have envisioned (for instance, how to bind off the top cuff of a cuff-to-toe sock that’s done in ribbing…using waste yarn to start the top of a cuff is VERY different than casting on a hand-knit sock…who knew!).  So I still have a lot to learn, and I still need a lot more experience before CSKM sock knitting is flawless and easy.

But despite that, I consider myself to be a CSKM Cranker.

Current Knitting

I have done minimal work on the Read Between the Lines Shawl, and honestly, I’m hating it.  The knitting is fine…I really hate the colorway and I am just looking to get this project finished.

Someone asked in comments what I plan to charge for this shawl, and I really have no idea.  I will probably put a price on it low enough so that someone wants it despite the ugly colorway.  But we’ll see.

I’ve also completed three socks (not three pairs…three socks)…one pair of 1×3 ribbed socks and a third sock using 1×1 ribbing.



All of them are done using Trekking XXL yarn and Cascade sock yarn for the toe and heel.  That last sock took me about an hour to make in total…including set up, sock knitting and finishing afterwards.  I’m getting faster and faster are cranking out socks.

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