Do You Consider Yourself Crafty?

As a knitter and crocheter, I’ve never considered myself to be “crafty”…I’d classify myself as a fiber enthusiast, or a yarn technician and sometimes even a fiber artist…but I’ve never been one to be handy with a glue gun and end up with some clever little crafted item.

Craft Skills

Yes, I can make a pompom…yes, I work with yarn a LOT.

But even in grade school when they’d bring out the pipe cleaners, colored construction paper and the rubber cement, my ability to “craft” was  extremely limited…and it still is.

I don’t make interesting wall hangings for friends.  A hot glue gun would be a waste of space in my home.  Looking at a box of a thousand popsicle sticks leaves me thoughtless and without imagining what a fantastic lighting fixture I could sculpt with them.

So when I get a book like this to review, I think, perhaps it will get those much-needed creative juices going.

Loome Party by Vilasinee Bunnag comes with a handy bamboo (?) crafting tool  embedded in the back cover of the book.

This tool and the instructions in the book provide ideas on pompoms, tassles, friendship bracelets and small weavings.

I think this book (and embedded tool) would be of much more use in someone else’s hands…someone with children perhaps…someone who teaches children…someone who likes being crafty and making nifty things for their friends.

Any of my blog readers know of someone like that who might appreciate this book?

Current Knitting/Cranking

Just another inch or two on the Silky Wool Cardigan before I start shaping the sleeve openings, which will require that I start knitting the back separately from the two front sections.


Working with this wool, I wonder why they decided to stop making it…it creates a very beautiful and lightweight fabric. The color is more accurate in the second photo…for which I’m quite glad.

I’ve also been focusing a lot on using my CSKM, Gerty.

I’m trying to come up with 2 or 3 “standard” socks that I make with the machine.  The blue one is a simple ribbed hem sock with no contrasting yarns for the heel or toe…it took me about an hour to make that pair of socks  The psychedelic ones are 1×1 rib at the top of the cuff switching to 3×1 rib for the remainder of the cuff and top of the foot…it also uses a constrasting color yarn for the heel and toe  This pair of socks, took me about 2 hours to make and has a lot more finishing.

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