Are You Guided?

Not believing much in god…or at least not in the god I was raised to believe…I can still feel as though some beneficial guidance directs me in some form of spiritual growth.

Just What I Needed to See

“Just-In-Time Training” was a concept in my consulting days that meant having a training system that was available when it was needed and provided training just as the person being trained would need guidance.  So, for instance, with a new system, an employee could access training on-demand just as they were given access to the new system, so that the knowledge was fresh for when they needed it.

I seem to have Just-In-Time Training when it comes to my spirit.

Just as I’m given a new “system” to work with, someone says something, or points me to something that gives me the exact guidance I need to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Note:  Writing about epiphanies in one’s life always seems so disappointing…the description of a revelation that can be monumental for me, can seem completely uninspired by those reading about it.  It’s incredibly difficult to convey something so personal, and experiential.  So when I you read the following example of Just-In-Time spiritual training, just note that it only demonstrates why I feel guided…because the impact of the realization, while it was huge for me, I understand probably won’t be for you.

My example:  I’m discussing the next stages of my spiritual growth with a trusted mentor…my Breema master.  He shares the path he took at a similar juncture.  I find it educational and interesting, but there’s no “aha” to it.  He basically was describing how he uses day-to-day distractions as reminders to come back to his body, which is his direct access to consciousness.

Then we see the documentary “In Pursuit of Silence” and I have this amazing epiphany of how looking inward for the silence, leads me to being reminded of how the body can bring me to consciousness.

I know…a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  But individually these two events weren’t so impactful, but together…transformational.

Guidance?  God?  Karma? Chance? Fate?  Not sure…but grateful anyway.

Current Knitting/Cranking

Overall, quite pleased with the progress on the Silky Wool Cardigan.

I know the photo makes it look more like a girls dress than a cardigan, but I’m almost finished with the two front sections and then just the upper back, sleeves, button band and collar to go!

For Gerty, I’ve been trying more new sock designs.  I’m thinking I’d like to have two basic sock designs that I use for making socks.  One of them will be some version of this new pair of socks I finished.


Simple 1×1 rib down the cuff and then 1×1 rib on top of the foot.  I know these are just ordinary chestnut brown socks, but they’re made from a wonderfully soft wool (that is NOT superwash).

I haven’t quite decided what I’ll have as my second go-to design…it won’t be 1×1 rib at the top of the cuff, 3×1 rib for the remainder and then a plain foot…I’m not a big fan of that design.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Leslie comments, “Hi! Just to let you know, that the Silky Wool hasn’t been discontinued. Not sure where you got that info.”

Thanks Leslie…I must have seen a page indicating a specific color was discontinued and misunderstand.  Glad to know I can still get this wonderful yarn.

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