Don’t Judge a Book…

Many of you know that I’ve somehow established myself as a blogger who is willing to review books that are relevant to this blog.


So I was quite excited to get an e-mail from one of the publicists who have sent me advanced copies of books in the past with the subject line of “NEW RELEASE: Intarsia Workbook”.

I’m not sure if you handle your e-mail in-box the same way I do…I have about 7 different e-mail accounts all come into my iPhone in one consolidated e-mail.  I download all the new e-mails that have come in since the last download and then check off all the spam or items I’m not interested in reading, leaving only those e-mails that I’m interested in.

Suffice it to say, I left “Intarsia Workbook” unread and joyfully considered replying to the e-mail with a positive request for an advanced copy.

Then I read the actual e-mail and it was for this lovely book:

Who knew that intarsia was a term commonly used with WOODWORKING?!?!

Yes, Intarsia Workbook: Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition by Judy Gale Roberts has nothing to do with knitting.  And I’m not enough of a renaissance man to have woodworking as one of my alternate skills.

Imagine my disappointment…so if anyone is looking to publish a knitting intarsia book, I’d be happy to review it for you here.

Current Knitting

The first sleeve of the Silky Wool Cardigan is complete (and documented well enough so that I’ll use the same shaping on the second sleeve.

You’ll note I’ve already started the second sleeve as well.  The Knitted Sheet is up to only 130 stitches or so.

I like the pace at which this one is growing…slow and easy…especially since I will have to keep increasing every row until I’m up to about 1,900 stitches per row.

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