Life Without Smart Phones

Lying To Myself – Again

I’m not the type of person who is constantly looking at my phone.  I don’t need to read and/or respond to a text message within milliseconds of receiving it.  I don’t get the shakes if I accidentally leave my phone at home when I’m away for a few hours.  I really try to make sure my phone usage improves my life rather than intrudes on it.

For me, those are all true statements…the lie…”I can do without a smart phone.”

I rarely utter that phrase, but it was an underlying thought many times when Thaddeus would be annoyed that I was responding to a vibration in my pocket.

Yes, technically, I could exist without a smart phone, but I have come to rely on it in many ways.  Two recent examples:

  1. During the latest snow storm/power outage, we were without power for about 28 hours.  During that time, while I still could use my lap top while the battery lasted, we didn’t have WiFi or internet access.  My phone turned out to be incredibly useful for finding out when our utility company planned to restore power and interacting with people in my local community to see if anyone needed anything.
  2. Last week, my mom fell and fractured her ankle.  She’s in a “boot” and can’t drive for at least six weeks.  She asked me to show her how to use Uber.  But she doesn’t have a smart phone.  While she can use her computer to book Uber rides, it’s a bit more difficult getting a ride back home, or tracking when the driver will be there to pick her up.

I recognize that neither of these two situations absolutely required a smart phone, but they certainly showed how important they are becoming in my life.

Current Knitting

I kept thinking I’d finish the second sleeve of the Silky Wool Cardigan before writing this blog.

But alas, I still have a few more inches and the sleeve cap shaping to finish.

Also, as the Knitted Sheet continues to widen, the pace of growth gets slower and slower.

Soon, the growth will seem glacial and I’ll stop posting about it with any regularity.

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