Never Too Organized

Does it seem that no matter how organized one’s life is, there is always room for more organization?

Life Expands to Capacity

Or perhaps, with organization comes additional capacity and nature abhors a vacuum?

Combining concepts here a bit, but when it comes to getting organized in various areas of my life, it seems as if I get more organized, more content appears in my life to be handled.  I’m not sure if it’s the universe that is just looking to balance things out for me, of if it’s me just being more open to saying yes to things.

Some examples are the men’s knitting retreats and my knitting

With the retreats, I’ve gotten extremely organized and efficient at producing the annual retreat in Upstate NY in May.  I maintain a database of participant information, set up web pages for registration, post announcements, send out mass-e-mails, track finances, contract with the retreat center, organize workshop leader volunteers, develop rosters and personalized agendas, create name tags…etc., etc., etc.  It’s a huge amount of work that I find simple and easy (after 10 years of doing it).  So it opened up space for a second retreat in Upstate NY in September and the opportunity to help with the administrative aspects of a Men’s Knitting Retreat in Ontario for our Canadian brethren.

As for my knitting and blah-gging about it…everything seemed organized…my stash, my crafting area, my schedule to knitting and spinning and my ability to keep up with writing a blog entry 3 times a week.  Adding Gerty into the mix (Gerty is my antique Gearhardt Circular Sock Knitting Machine), has thrown it all up into the air and I’m organizing as fast as I can as all of it settles back down.

Please don’t consider any of this as a complaint…I couldn’t be happier.  Thaddeus will tell you that I’m one of those people that likes to stay busy and he’s correct.  I’m happy when my life is full to the brim with activity that I enjoy.

Current Knitting

The weekend allowed me to make an enormous amount of progress on the Silky Wool Cardigan.

I’ve sewn on the sleeves and sewn up the inside sleeve seam.  I’ve also knit up the button side of the button band and decided on which buttons to use.


Just finished the button-hole band and need to sew up in the fold-over hem on the inside.

And by the way, if you’re interested in buying Silky Wool at a significant discount, Little Knits has it on sale right now.


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