What’s Next?

With the Silky Wool Cardigan finished, I need to start planning my next project.

God Forfend…

Couldn’t possibly imagine being “in between projects” when it comes to my knitting.

I’m not sure I want to take on another sweater immediately.  I definitely don’t need a sweater and I find it difficult making a sweater that Thaddeus looks good in and enjoys wearing.

Knitting a scarf or shawl or hat for craft show sales seems so out of season.  It’s so difficult knitting something that has no sense of urgency to finishing it.

I have the Millard Fontenot design for The Brethren Sock that I’m working (see below) and I’ve also got the Knitted Sheet that will be an ongoing WIP for years.

Should I go back to the sweater project that came in second the last time I surveyed you all?

The second choice was the Briar Rose yarn called Wistful.

It looks like I have about 2,000 yards of worsted weight yarn (50% Alpaca, 20% Merino and 20% Silk).  Maybe I’ll swatch it up to see what I can come up with.

Current Knitting

As noted previously, I finished the Silky Wool Cardigan.



The collar is simply a tube of fabric in reverse stockinette stitch which is slightly wider at top than on the chest and the follow photos show the detail down the center of the sleeve and up the center of the chest on either side of the button band.


And here is my progress with The Brethren Sock (have you favorited it on Ravelry yet?)

This isn’t typically my type of sock project as it requires a lot more attention and counting of rows, but the fabric is turning out to be thick and lush and I’m enjoying honoring Millard as I knit it.

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