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Daily Maintenance

In some areas, I have a lot of discipline, but in other areas, it takes every ounce of strength just to do the minimum amount necessary in life.

All Over the Map

Not sure why some daily tasks are easy to remember and even sometimes a pleasure that I do without any reservations and others are much more bothersome and require constant self-nagging.


  • Staying up to date on the news and social media
  • Blogging
  • Knitting and other fiber pursuits
  • Reading
  • Taking daily medications
  • Men’s Knitting Retreat preparations and communications/e-mails, etc.

Constant Self-Nagging:

  • Brushing, flossing and inter-dental cleaning of my teeth
  • Taking vitamins
  • Journaling
  • Praying/meditating
  • Exercise
  • Hydrating/drinking water

It’s amazing to me the vast difference between how I see the tasks on these two lists, despite the similarities in the items on each list.  I mean how much different is reading than meditating?  And yet I delay, ignore, postpone and avoid meditating whilst picking up a book and reading without giving it a second thought?

You’d think that the gap between how I treat the items on each list would get smaller over the years, but honestly, there’s very little change in the amount of aversion versus the appeal between them as I get older.

On a positive note, I have gotten better at incorporating the aversion list into my life and I do them on a more routine basis now that I’m retired.  But I honestly think that’s only because I have one less excuse for avoiding those activities now that I can’t blame a busy schedule for not doing them.

And if I could just meditate more, I might just get to a point of acceptance on this odd character flaw of avoiding some tasks…alas, it’s a vicious cycle.

Current Knitting

After correcting the mistake in my swatch, I have decided to go forward with the Briar Rose Pullover.

I’ve just finished the last row of faux ribbing and starting moving into the main stitch pattern.  I’ll be knitting the lower body in-the-round and I’m still not sure if I’ll steek the arm-holes and the neck opening or if I’ll knit the front and back flat once I get up to the arm-hole opening…just worried that the pooling and patterning of the variegated yarn might look awful if I switch to back-and-forth knitting, but steeks won’t let me make a reversible sweater.  Fortunately, I have plenty of time to consider what I want to do.

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