Birthday Update

The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles insists that you assess how well you’re aging every four years…at least if you want to continue driving a car legally.

3 Steps Forward…

Just when DMV in this State seems to be getting its shit together by allowing you to do many of the transactions on-line and streamlining the processes required to be done in-person, they go and set the expiration of your driving license on your birthdate….requiring you to update your photo every four years.

Just enough time to show just how much a person ages.

I got my license renewed yesterday and they give you both your new license and the old one with a hole or two punched in it to show that it’s no longer valid.

Comparing the two, it’s clear I’ve gained a bit of weight in my face and gotten quite a bit grayer in the last four years.

Aging can be difficult, but vanity adds a whole new level of difficulty to the process.

Current Knitting

Work progresses on two of my three active WsIP.



The Briar Rose Pullover has grown an inch or two since Monday’s blog.  I honestly thought I’d have a bit of knitting time whilst I waited to get my license renewed, but the process went quite quickly.

I’ve also completed another stripe on the Knitted Sheet and started the next color stripe.  This project is the closest to meditative that my knitting has ever gotten.

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