Idle Hands? When is it Okay?

It has never made sense to me that someone could sit and have nothing to do with their hands.

New Book (to me)

I’m Facebook friends with a knitter and blog reader, Ann McDonald and for a moment when I was gifted this book last week, I thought, “How could I have not known about a book she wrote?”  But now I realize it’s a completely different name for this author.

I am very much looking forward to reading No Idle Hands by Anne L. Macdonald.  A friend was culling through his library’s used book store and picked this up as a gift for me.

It truly is nice being known as “the knitter” when it comes to people finding things of interest.  And in this case, I had never even heard of this book and it will be next in my line up of reading material.

If anyone’s read it or have seen any reviews from knitters you trust about books, let me know.

Current Knitting

It seems I’ve been knitting like crazy since my last blog post last Wednesday, but photographic evidence seems to deny this notion.


I’ve completed 6 inches or so of the pullover.  I have done a bit more on the Knitted Sheet, but the ever-widening project is starting to bog down as I near 250 stitch per row with much more width as I proceed.

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