In Denial – Capacity

Does one’s capacity for accomplishing things get smaller as one gets older, or does one just become more realistic about what can be done?

Busy Months Ahead

I know…I know…I’m retired…I should have tons of time on my hands and I used to do all this and more when I was still working…why can’t I get it all done now?
First of all, my career wasn’t honestly that challenging and I could get most of my work done in about 8 hours of actual work each week.
And since I worked from home for the last few years, retirement really only gave me back 8 hours of time each week.

But, since I was anchored to my desk for at least 40 hours each week (or at least needed to stay close), I couldn’t be scheduled by Thaddeus to run to Costco or go get my car washed on a whim.  So I was dedicated to being somewhat productive for a lot more time when I was still WORKING!  Who would have thought?

These days, I’m getting ready for the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat in about 5 weeks…it came up fast this year.  I’m creating a new organization associated with all of the Men’s Knitting Retreats which I’ll be announcing soon.  I’m chauffeuring my mom a little since she’s in a plastic boot for 6 weeks (3 more to go…hopefully her broken leg will heal as fast as they estimated).  And of course, I’m blogging, knitting, cranking, spinning…etc.

What’s on your calendar?

Current Knitting

I’m up to 9 inches (lucky man) on the Briar Rose Pullover.


This is going to be one WARM sweater when it’s finished.  I’m still loving the color and I’m still thinking the “wrong side” looks pretty great too.

The pooling of the variegated yarn isn’t broken up quite as much as I usually prefer on the other side, but it’s a very rich fabric that I’m creating…so I will definitely still look to make a sweater that’s reversible.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Thank you all for the most amazing birthday wishes and especially the people that went out of their way to write a haiku…thank you all.

Also thanks to the folks that posted their thoughts about No Idle Hands…now I’m looking forward to reading it even more.

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