Can You Ever Have Enough Stitch Dictionaries?

As someone that likes to design on the needles, I can find endless inspiration from leafing through stitch dictionaries like Barbara Walker or Vogue Knitting, etc.

New Japanese Stitch Dictionary

I just got an advanced copy of Japanese Stitches Unraveled by Wendy Bernard.  The book will officially be released on May 15th, but pre-orders have already started…I would recommend getting in on the first wave of orders for this one.
As noted on the front, the book has 160 stitch patterns (and 3 basic projects at the end of the book).
What I like about the book:
  • It’s beautifully presented in a clean, bright way
  • All of the stitch patterns have a sample swatch clearly shown
  • Stitch patterns all have row by row written instructions
  • All the relevant stitch patterns have charts as well
  • There is a stitch multiple index at the end if you’re looking for a stitch pattern with a specific number of stitches.

What I would change:
  • The book includes two basic stitches with instructions and a photographed swatch which I think could have been excluded from the 160 total (garter stitch and stockinette)
  • I would have added an index of reversible stitches as well (minor complaint).
Overall, I’m very glad to have this book as one more option for being inspired to design.

Current Knitting

I always feel bad at this phase in the progress of my WIP, that it feels like I’m subjecting blog readers to watching paint dry, but I’ve made a few more inches of progress on the Briar Rose Pullover.


The odd part is that I’m constantly designing and envisioning the next phase of the project in my mind…like the shaping of the arm holes and the neckline, so it’s not at all boring for me…even at this pace.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

A big shout out to James who sent me a birthday care package all the way from New Zealand.



A beautiful watercolor sheep card, mushroom fabric underwear and candy with a sexual innuendo.  What more could I have wanted.  Thank you, my friend!

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