Off to Breema!

Headed to Kripalu, the East Coast capital of Yoga and all things mindful.  I’ll be doing a Breema workshop with my Breema master and the head of the Breema Center in Oakland, CA.

Body-Centered Mindfulness

When I return home on Sunday, I’m not quite sure what to expect.  I’m pretty certain I won’t have a third eye that will have emerged and I’m pretty certain my ability to levitate won’t have been increased.

But I am looking forward to making progress on an inner-spirit journey that I’ve been on for a long time now.  And I’m starting to think that whoever coined the phrase, “It’s the journey, not the destination” realized that when one’s life really is about the journey, the so-called destination seems to expand endlessly…ever-increasing the limits of expansion…or more accurately, making one realize that there are no limits to personal growth.

I must admit that like many experiences of personal growth, the process started long before the first day of the workshop…I have been examining what’s important to me for the last few weeks in anticipation of the workshop.  From a very basic perspective, I have also been keenly aware of how anxious I’ve gotten in the last few days about travel to Massachusetts, about food and lodging and about the timing of when to get there and what to pack.  Very unusual for me, but it’s been fascinating to observe.  That kind of uncomfortableness usually indicates there is some breakthrough available that is making me anxious.

But while I’m gone, please be good…thank you.

Current Knitting

Since I’ve done virtually nothing more on the Briar Rose Pullover, I thought I’d feature the next color stripe completed on the Knitted Sheet.


I’m finding this kind of knitting the closest to meditative that my knitting has ever been.


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