Mars & Venus Collide

It may be true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but the Venn diagram of where they overlap is where I find myself when it comes to emotional expression.

Porn vs. Intimacy

When it comes to attraction, men are generally visually attracted and women are emotionally attracted.  And I say generally…not everyone complies with this stereotype…even me sometimes.  As visually stimulating as pornography can be, it is usually completely devoid of satisfaction…empty calories of wasted energy…the white sugar of inputs to the brain.  It never comes close to touching the spirit, the center, the being, the soul.

Open, vulnerable, intimate connections with others on the other hand is something worth working toward for me.

Lately, I’ve fallen in love with the prose of Sam Van Wetter.  It’s not often that I find men who can open their soul and express what they discover in words that are expressive and profoundly true.

His intermingling of connection with the Earth and nature with community political expression all seem to come from a deep love for the universal flow of existence.  His words convey to me a vivid experience and even a yearning to be in rhythm with all the splendor and beauty of the natural experience.

Read his latest Larking adventure here:

You won’t be disappointed…in fact, quite the opposite…the absorption of his words is truly satisfying for me and hopefully for you as well.

I’ll look forward to connecting with Sam in a few weeks at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat…he and 43 other guys will get together to for a 4-day weekend to connect in ways that guys don’t often have the opportunity.

Current Knitting

I started the first sleeve, using a smaller needle on the cuff and then realized I forgot to switch to the larger needle once I got to the actual sleeve.

So, I’ll probably end up frogging at  least down to the cuff…although when I get the needle out of it, I may see if the cuff is really wide enough or whether I need to start with a few more stitches.

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