Asshole Incentivized

With our current dumpster fire in the White House, it amazes me how much more attention being an asshole gets than being a good, ethical person.

My Attempts at Ass-holiness

Last week, I published a “true confessions” list of opinions about which I wasn’t overly proud.

First of all, I was really trying to demonstrate that my opinions and thoughts aren’t always very charitable.  And secondly, I had no idea that no one had ever expressed some of those opinions publicly, but the firestorm of agreements and disagreements on the one issue truly surprised me.  But the thing that surprised me most was realizing that the most contentious issues always get the most attention.

Look at my dashboard for Blogger (the platform on which this blog is published):

This screen capture shows that the “Okay…I Admit It” blog entry garnered more than twice (684 hits) the number of eyeballs as any recent blog entry.

Don’t get me wrong, this screen capture was done shortly after the Millard Fontenot Scholarship blog entry was posted and there were already 130 hits to that blog post…but despite what an amazing man Mill was and how proud I was of my way of honoring him, that blog post won’t get half as many hits as the contentious one of me expressing snarky opinions.

Sad to say, I’m realizing that this type of thinking is a big part of the reason we have the POS POTUS we have.

And I have no solutions for it.

Current Knitting

Over the weekend I worked a little on the sleeve for the Briar Rose Pullover and a also worked another diagonal strip on the Knitted Sheet.


I think the increases on the sleeve are working up fine (at least just by eyeballing it) and I’m loving the look of the Knitted Sheet more and more as it grows and grows.  I’m up to about 260 stitches per row and it’s just getting wide enough that I won’t be able to display the whole project soon due to the length of the needle.

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