Yarn Chicken or Weighing Yarn

When knitting was still new, I think it would have been preferable to know for certain that I had enough yarn to finish a project.

Cynical Old Knitter

Even back then, it hadn’t really occurred to me that I could knit one sleeve, weigh the completed sleeve and weigh my remaining yarn to make sure I had enough for the second sleeve.  It should have been obvious, I know, but it takes a while for revelations like this to dawn on me sometimes.

Now that it’s not such a hardship to rip out perfectly good knitting, I’d just rather play yarn chicken with my knitting and estimate as best I can whether I’ll have enough yarn to complete a project.

I can usually estimate with some level of accuracy whether I’ll have enough yarn to finish a project.  But even in the event that I miscalculate, it seems like it’s a minor inconvenience anymore when I have to rip back and do something differently.

After all…it is just knitting and I enjoy knitting…even re-knitting.

Current Knitting

I successfully ripped back the sleeve and re-attached the other hank of yarn I have left for the Briar Rose Pullover.

In fact, I’ve actually almost come to point where I’ll shape the top of the sleeve…so I’ve even made some progress. I noticed that there was a difference in colorways in this latest hank as well, although no where near as pronounced as the other one.  I’m sorry to say, I think I’ll need to rip this back again…this time all the way to the beginning and start using both hanks of yarn intermixed every other row.

Thank goodness I love knitting so much!

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