Bit Off More Than I Could Chew

No matter what I write before a Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, don’t EVER believe me if I say I’ll try and post every day.

Not Enough Hours In A Day

This is not a complain…when life is full and joyous and satisfying, blogging just takes a backseat to fully participating and reveling in all that is amazing about this annual event.

After arriving home last night and unloading the car, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy hanging out with Thaddeus and Finn and eat some of Thaddeus’ potato pancakes with sour cream.

Even today, the unpacking of all that makes up the retreat seems daunting.  Editing hundreds of photos and determining which photos to include in the blog and which aren’t worth salvaging looks like something I will never complete.  Sifting through hundreds of e-mails and replying to the 3% that require it might take a little while.

I promise to start posting a blog entry or two this week that will convey how magical this past week was for me and 40 other guys…but for now, I need to get a bit organized.

As a teaser (which I hope you will find satisfying enough), I offer you one photo from the buffet line for lunch at Easton Mountain.

Not-So-Spoiler Alert – This was probably the best MSKR yet.

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