What Makes a Retreat Successful?

This was my 11th year producing the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat and I’m still pretty certain I don’t know why they are so successful.

Components of a Retreat

We start off with a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception for the guys.  We started this last year for out 10th anniversary and it was so popular, we decided to continue it.

We also have workshops volunteer-led by the participants.

We have good food and a beautiful location and we usually have a road trip to a local farm or fiber producers.

There is a tag sale table and project bags with some fiber-related give-aways.

I could go on…but honestly, the sum of it all doesn’t add up to the whole of it.

So here are some photos of the initial reception.  You tell me if you see anything extraordinary that I’ve missed in my inventory.























Current Knitting

I went back to The Brethren Sock project I had started before the retreat.

This project required way more attention than I could have allotted at the retreat, although a couple of guys had this as one of the projects they worked on whilst there.  And to be honest, the foot section of the sock is a LOT easier to keep track of.

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