Visionary Knitting

It’s hard to imagine that someone could have re-imagined knitting and describe it in a whole new way that would make as much or more sense than how I’ve been doing it for over 30 years now.

A Major Accomplishment

After knitting for decades now, various components of repeating stitch sequences has occurred to me as an interesting concept, but I never really delved into it, and then I started reading through a new book I got that the recent retreat…

Sequence Knitting by Cecilia Campachiaro has combined a new (maybe not new…but newly formulated) idea of creating unique and interesting fabrics using simple techniques.

First of all, the book is substantial…it’s big and heavy, physically and it’s completely full of succinct and easy-to-read descriptions of a new way of understanding repeating stitch patterns.  It also has tons of beautifully photographed examples of the technique.  The pattern designs that utilize these techniques are strategically placed within the description of the technique (also beautifully photographed) to give concrete examples of ways the ideas can be used.

This coffee-table-quality hardback book serves both as a revolutionary new-ish technique, as a stitch dictionary and as a template for creating your own stitch dictionaries.

It’s expensive as hell, but I have a feeling once knitters get a gander at this volume, they will realize the importance of having it in their reference library.  Just to give you a point of reference, it is WAY more useful than Principles of Knitting (in my humble opinion) and I would have easily paid more for POK back in the day.

If you’ve got a birthday or gift-receiving event coming up in your life…this would be a perfect item to request…you’ll definitely not regret owning this radical and ground-breaking tome on rethinking your stitch designing.

Current Knitting

All that being said, I have decided to use a free pattern for the baby blanket that will go with the booties I knit up last week.

It’s a very simple heart/block patterned blanket and there are tons of mistakes in the pattern, but it’s easy enough to  follow even if with the mistakes.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

sprboston writes, “ooh, cute bootie pattern! I’m always interested in a new bootie pattern. will you share the name, please?”

Yes!  It’s from a German knitter’s blog with an English translation of the pattern that is well written and has tons of great progress photos – Bootie Pattern

Regarding my appearance at the retreat in drag, Matt Senger writes, “To be honest, when I first saw you in the great room I thought what is this woman doing here raining on our parade but then thought, why not, as an afternoon guest. Glad, however, you are not considering opening the weekend up. We would quickly be outnumbered. It is a sacred space, time.

Sacred space indeed…it’s been a fantastic realization at what an amazing space gets created when we celebrate the communion of men with yarn obsessions.  

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