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I remember when I learned about various on-line formulas that could be used to create one-piece, top-down raglan sweaters and how useful they were.

New Book – One-Piece Knits

The new knit publication, One-Piece Knits by Margaret Hubert is a valuable addition to my knitting references.

This book is full of useful information that both a new knitter and a longtime knitwear designer could find useful with plenty of tips, ideas, designs and detailed photographs.  It starts with many of the useful methods that I wish had been published years ago when I first started knitting sweaters…basic cast-ons, seaming up techniques, yarn weights, measuring a body for fitting a garment…etc.

The author identifies 12 basic prototypes of one-piece sweaters (for those of you who are averse to lots of finishing on a garment) and details how you can make them in various yarn gauges and multiple different sizes.  Top-down, side-over, back-to-front and cuff-to-cuff (all the hyphenated design concepts) and then provides the formulas for each in many different sizes.

And many of the examples are for men as well.

As an experienced knitter, I won’t be knitting any of these designs as written, so I don’t find this book to be inspirational in terms of ideas.  But when I am inspired with an idea for a new sweater design, I will definitely be starting with this book as my go-to reference on approximating size, stitches, increases and decreases.  It’s a comprehensive book replete with templates on creating many different styles of sweater.

Current Knitting

One more row of hearts added to the Heart Baby Blanket…

Three more rows to go.

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