Modern Day Alchemy

And that is the most succinct description of the Men’s Knitting Retreats that I can come up with.

These two photos were taken during the weekend of the retreat.  The top one was a group of guys that visited Carole Foster’s Sheep Farm/Yarn Store (see Carole center) to either take a workshop in indigo dyeing or to supplement their stash.  They all seem happy regardless of the reason for the visit.

The second photo is the full group of guys (with one guy missing…I think the one female sheep in the photo may have had something to do with his absence).

From the very first day at the retreat, some strange and wonderful things happened, and it reminded me that I have very little to do with the concoction of guys, yarn-enthusiasm and natural beauty of Easton Mountain.  When I focus on making sure the space and all the logistics are handled, the guys seem to handle the rest.

I’m blessed to have some small part in it and the ability to participate with an awesome group of men.

If you’re a guy who knits who has never experienced one of the Men’s Knitting Retreats, you should definitely try the experience.

Current Knitting

The last two days have been very busy with little time to focus on my knitting project…so…


Only 1/2 a row of hearts added to the blanket (did that really require 2 progress photos?).

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