Survey Says….

Thanks to all who responded to my requests for feedback on the Heart Baby Blanket.

I Don’t Know Nothin’ About Birthin’ No Babies

I was surprised at the results and expected just the opposite in percentages.  I was fully anticipating adding on another row of hearts before binding off on this project.

But I also had no idea that babies don’t seem to sleep with blankets in their crib any more, and blankets that are too big will just get in the way and drag on the ground  if used in a car seat and/or stroller.

Good to have some breeders who know things about babies and their associated blankets.

Current Knitting

So I went with the majority of opinions and bound off the Heart Baby Blanket


I have a couple of ends to weave in, and I will wash and block the blanket before wrapping it up (even though I’m sure the mom will wash it again), but overall, I’m quite happy with this project.  It’s not the most interesting project I’ve worked on, but it results in a lovely blanket.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

In comments, Jenny writes, “Is the heart blanket your own pattern or one available to the public?”

The pattern is not mine and is available for free, but it has a LOT of errors in it…if you’re an experienced knitter, you can easily figure it out.

Here were my suggested changes to the pattern I downloaded:

Row 7 k8, k9,p1, p9, k6, repeat fromuntil 8 sts remain, k8 
Row 7 (should be):k8, k9,p1, k9, k6, repeat fromuntil 8 sts remain, k8
Row 10 k8, k6, p7, k6, k6, repeat from until 8 sts remain , k8 
Row 10 (should be): k8, p6, k7, p6, k6, repeat from until 8 sts remain , k8
Row 18 Repeat Row 15 
Row 18 (should be): Repeat Row 16
Row 19 Repeat Row 16 
Row 19 (should be): Repeat Row 17
Rows 25-29 Repeat Rows 1-6 
Rows 25-29 (should be): Repeat Rows 2-6

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