Calling All Men Who Knit!

How To Anticipate Growth

It has been incredibly difficult trying to balance demand and supply when it comes to the Men’s Knitting Retreats.  And virtually impossible to try and assess the waxing and waning of the guys’ interest in attending a retreat.

Over the past few years, the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat in Upstate NY has been incredibly popular and since we limit the number of guys who can attend to 45 guys, we have sold out rather quickly.  It has caused no small amount of disappointment to those wanting to attend and miss out.

To try and expand the supply, we decided to open a second retreat in Upstate NY in September.  We figured it would take up the overflow of guys who couldn’t get into the Spring retreat and might even fill up rather quickly too.

Turns out that there are a number of other Men’s Knitting Retreats that had the male fiber enthusiasts making choices as to where to spend their time and money, and we have a rather intimate group (so far) for this September’s retreat.  If all of the guys who have said they will register actually do, we’ll have about 20 or so guys registered for the retreat.

While the retreats are set up to be not-for-profit, we also try and make sure they are not-for-loss as well.  We’re thrilled to get to spend a long weekend with 20 other yarn-guys, but unless this first retreat is close to being financially viable, we may not have any future Fall retreats in Upstate NY.

But I am forever hopeful.

So…if you know of any guy that’s been wanting to attend a Men’s Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain, please encourage them to register or nominate themselves for a scholarship to attend.  Guys interested in learning to knit are also encouraged to attend and we’ll make sure they have an intensive 4-day crash course in knitting or crochet.

Current Knitting

The second baby blanket is moving along well.

For my knitter friends with cats and/or blogs, you will understand the challenges of an emotionally needy pet.

Finn approves of the new blanket…and it will also require that I wash it carefully before sending it off.

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